In the city of Pula on the Istrian peninsula in Croatia on 25 – 29 August held 53rd Decathlon competitions of the IMF or “Integrative Meetings of Friends”.

More than a hundred athletes took part in ten disciplines that make up the decathlon. It is a six track and field competition, runs 50 and 200 meters, high jump, long jump,  and throw a ball and shot put (you can throw or push), the two team games, skills of the basket and shots of goals and two games of “elite” boccia and golf .

The best team was a team of Kharkov (Ukraine), who received 3434 points, which gave him the title of European Champion in the Decathlon IMF in the “STARS” category.

In the “Masters” the same title win the team of Čakovec, Croatia in category “PRETENDER” team from Kalisz, Poland.

Individually total 1st place with 640 points, won the Dan Lucian from Racaciuni, Romania, before Zoran Dimitrović from Kutina Croatia, 615 points and the second sportman of Racaciuni, Gabriel Benescu 607 points.

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