Between 18th to August 25th lasted 17th relay run of disabled people.

We started in Mohacs Hungary and across Serbia we ran to Bacau in Romania. The whole route had almost 850 kilometers and was divided into 8 stages. We ran from Mohacs to the town Sombor in Serbia and further to the town of Senta.

The first city in Romania was Timisoara and then Deva, Sibiu, Bran, Onesti and Bacau. After Sibiu town Brasov was the next planned place, unfortunately, the city despite repeated requests not granted even a negative response.

However, this wasn’t a problem, because we changed the plan and the route ran through the town of Bran in Transylvania. In this city is the castle of Dracula, which we visited.
After this relay there are two countries left which we haven’t visited (except Moldova, Russia and Belarus), Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Maybe we go there next year?
In the days after the torch relay was held at Bacau the 55.

Games of Decathlon IMF.
The results below.