20th Relay run

On August 12, on the stadium of the antique Olympic Games in Olympia, the 20th Relay of disabled people in Europe ended. This time, the relay run, as its name suggests, traces of ancient Greece led through the most interesting historical places of this country. The start of run take place on August 7 at Mount Olympus and through Meteora, Thermopylae, Delphi, Thebes, Corinth, Mykines, Argos, Kalamata and Agrilos, it reached Olympia. Due to previous fires, we had to avoid the Marathon area. The all route was 1140 km long (220 km from it as run) was divided into 6 stages. Seven teams from five countries participated in the relay; Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Ukraine.

In next year we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of our relay runs. The first relay run started from Vienna in 1999. Of all European countries where we were not yet, there are only three; Belarus, Moldova and Russia.