Relay run around Europe

The main goal of the event is widening the integration of the disabled with the society. Many people do not distinguish mental disability and mental illness, which results in their fear and uncertainty in dealing with the mentally disabled. The run is a chance for the both sides to get closer to one another. For the disabled the run is a way to improve physical and mental shape and to start or develop friendships. Our run across Europe enables a quicker and more successful integration of the disabled with the society. They gain acceptance and understanding from the environment. At the beginning the relay run was a one-time event, but after its initial success it became an annual competition, each year following a different route. The city, which hosts the final stage, becomes a starting point for the next year’s competitions. Each year about 100 disabled runners and 30 helpers take part in the event. There are athletes from Austria, The Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Hungary. The planning and preparation of the run is very difficult and requires a lot of effort and organisational skills to overcome the formalities and to comply with laws and regulations. However, having successfully completed four consecutive events, we look forward to our future ventures, which include:

  • 1999 – Vienna (Austria) – Czech Rep. – Poland – Templin (Germany)
  • 2000 – Templin – Cracow (Poland)
  • 2001 – Cracow – Ukraine – Mohacs (Hungary)
  • 2002 – Mohacs – Croatia – Italy – Vatican
  • 2003 – Rome – Leuca (Italy) – Olympia (Greece) – Marathon (Greece)
  • 2004 – Marathon – Bulgaria – Suceava (Romania)
  • 2005 – Romania – Hungary – Slovakia – Poland
  • 2006 – Poland – Lithuania – Latvia – Estonia – Finland – Norway – Sweden
  • 2007 – Sweden – Norway – Faroe Islands – Iceland – Danmark
  • 2008 – Our plans for the next years is open