Ranking „1000 of the Best”

  1. Ranking „1000 of the Best” has in the beginning no 1000 Names, but the list is
    always open. If you have any results of our disciplines, send it to us.
  2. The ranking “Decathlon Individual Total” isn´t the sum of the scores for the results
    of the disciplines listed in the individual rankings, but the result of this competition,
    as a separate discipline during the our finals.
  3. The results of competition achieved by the individual disciplines will be regularly
    placed in the ranking lists, but they will not affect on the rankings of “Decathlon
    Individual Total”. This ranking includes only the results in the context of an official,
    event in Decathlon IMF.
  4. The results of the individual classification and the Decathlon as a whole are for ALL
    PARTICIPANTS, regardless of gender or disability.
    The ladies, however, in the color BLUE.
    The participants in wheelchairs are marked RED.
    Outcomes of individuals (not verified), will be shown in GREEN.

Decathlon Ranking: