The 12th Relay Run of Disable People around Europe: Andorra - Spain - Portugal - Gibraltar - France - (Monaco) is finished

Monaco was the only country out of 34 visited so far which denied us hospitality.

On 11 June 2010 in Villeneuve Loubet (France), and not in Monaco as previously planned, the Relay Run finished. Monaco was the only country out of 34 visited so far which did not agree to a short official ending. Accommodation and boarding were provided in France in a nearby town of Villeneuve Loubet - we only wanted to run into the territory of Monaco and finish the Relay Run a few minutes later. The teams visited Monaco on their own - unofficially.
We experienced the warmest welcome in Gibraltar, Tudela (Spain) and Mafra (Portugal). Other towns like Huesca, Aranda de Duero (Spain), Sines, Sagres and Lagos (Portugal) were also very hospitable. Spanish police took great care of our safety. British police of Gibraltar was also very helpful. Because of political matters we run into the Spanish territory 3 times. We visited another interesting places in Europe and furthermost points like: Cap Saint Vicente, (Portugal) and Europa Point in Gibraltar. We will never forget the monkeys from Gibraltar, and Mini Hollywood on a Spanish desert as well as spiritual experiences at the monument of Jesus Christ in Tudela (Spain), Fatima (Portugal), Montserrat (Spain) and La Saintes Maries de la Mer.
There were 53 participants from four countries. The 12th Relay Run was as usually organized by its originator Jerzy Chrabecki from Austria - the only participant of all 12 Relay Runs since the beginning in 1999. The route was divided into 16 stages and was 4.060 kilometers long (750 of which was run). Up to this day the route has covered 27.500 km, including 11.610 km run . There have been 34 countries and 197 stages in different cities and towns of Europe.

The teams participating in the 12th Relay Run:
1. Tuchoĝice - Czech Republic
2. Libìıice - Czech Republic
3. Sopron/Zsira - Hungary
4. Nidzica - Poland
5. Kalisz - Poland
6. Lwów - Ukraine
7. Odessa - Ukraine

The next Relay Run is planned for 2011 and will cover: (Monaco) - Corsica (France) - Sardinia (Italy) - Sicily (Italy) - Malta - Italy

The 50th jubilee Decathlon will take place in Tuchoĝice, Czech Republic. The organizer is Ustav Socialni Péèe in Tuchoĝice.
Decathlon IMF is an event integrating the disabled with the society. The competition has no limits, disqualifications and failed trials are repeated until the task is properly done, of course according to the rules.
People in wheelchairs also have the possibility to take part in competitions like high and long jump as they were adjusted to their abilities.
There are following competitions in Decathlon IMF: 50 m run, 200 m run, long jump, high jump, shot-put, throwing a ball, and scoring goals, golf and boccia.
Depending on scored points the competitors can be placed in one of ten groups: 1. Beginner, 2. Kadett, 3. Kandidat, 4. Sportsmann, 5. Pretender,
6. Master, 7. Champion, 8. Super Champion, 9. Star, 10. Super Star
The first Decathlon IMF took place in Austria in 1992 and since then 49 competitions have been held in different European countries.
Starting from 1999 the winner of the championships has received the title of Master of Europe in Decathlon IMF.
The titles were given to :
1999 - Sopron, Hungary, 2000 - Kraków, Poland, 2001 - Szczawnica - Poland, 2002 - Szczawnica, Poland, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 - Dzia³dowo, Poland, 2007 - Sopron, Hungary, 2008 - Moldova,  2009 - Charków, Ukraine.
  In this year's championships there will be 25 teams from 7 European countries.

- program

The 17th "Religion-Culture-Sport" in an ecumenical way. 13-18 August 2010
Events organized by IMF bring together citizens from different countries, representing different Christian believes.
In the previous pilgrimages to Rynica there were Catholics, Protestants and members of the Orthodox church.
In 2010 "R-C-S" will get a new ecumenical aspect. The route of this pilgrimage will take us to places important both for Catholics and Protestants. The major venues are: Myĥlibórz and Rynica (Poland) and Templin, Witemberg and Eisleben (Germany) - the latter two associated with Martin Luter. The route will have 430 km covered on foot (marching and running) and by cars. The Polish part is going to be prepared by catholics and the German one by Evangelists. The ecumenical masses will be held in Myĥlibórz, Rynica, Templin, Witemberg and Eisleben. A clergyman from the Orthodox church will be invited to take part in the pilgrimage.
The event will last 6 days and contain sport and cultural events.

- plan

The date and route of the 12th Relay Run are settled
The last - 11th - Relay Run of Disable People Around Europe has finished in Andorra. In accordance with tradition the next one will start in Andorra La Vella. We start on 27 May 2010. Initially we planned to finish it in Gibraltar. To avoid a long way back home from Gibraltar we planned going to Genua by ferry. The only ferry on our way is Tanger - Barcelona - Genua. In order to do it we would have to go about 40 km to Tarifa, Spain and then 35 minutes by ferry to Tanger, Marocco. High costs of ferry and complicated customs procedures of going to Marocc and back to Europe made us resign from this idea. This is why we decided to count the way back from Gibraltar as a part of our Relay Run by doing the distance in four stages - mostly driving the motorway with little running. The goal of the Relay un is Monaco. The Relay Run will have 16 stages altogether from Andorra, through Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain, France, to Monaco. The whole distance will have 4,060 km. Taking under consideration the abilities of our runners (8kmph), we assume thet we could beat 16 stages with 1200 km. There are different factors influencing the route of the Realy Run and thus running the whole distance seems impossible. Mountains and motorways make us choose safer roads without traffic. We would not be able to get permission for fast ones. Therefore the number of kilometers run will be 750 (45 km a day on average). This average is diminished because of counting the way back into the distance of the Relay Run. Finishing the distance in Gibraltar would shorten it to 2,100 km and increase the average to 55 km per day.
Nevertheless, there are also some advantages of the followig decision: loweting the costs, shortening the Relay Run by 2 days (including time for teams to go home) and the fact that the next one will start much closer - in Monacco instead of Gibraltar.

- plan
- route

"Religion - Culture - Sport", planned in the 49th Decathlon, is moved from Olsztyn to Gryfino.

15 years of "Integration Days - Rynica" and the 49th Decathlon IMF
On 13-19 August two conjoined events of "Integrative Meetings of Friends" will take place. "Integration Days - Rynica" (also known as "Religion - Culture - Sport") and "Decathlon IMF" are basically two separate things. This year, however, due to organisational matters "Decathlon IMF" will be the third part of "Integration Days".
The religious part is a pilgrimage from Myslibórz to Rynica - a village a picture of Madonna of Rynica, the Mother of the Disabled. After three days of marching, there will be a sixteenth integrative cultural event.
On Sunday, 16 August the competitors will travel to Olsztyn, where the second part will be held. There will be "Decathlon IMF" and a football match.
Taking part in Decathlon does not depend on participating in the Rynica part. Therefore some teams will go directly to Olsztyn.
Next year these two events will be held separately and "Decathlon IMF" will be ogranised by Tuchoĝice, Czech.
Our events are available for everyone. All you have to do is apply on-line (you can take part in one or both parts of the event.

The 11th Relay Run Finished in Andorra
According to the plan, the 11th Relay Run of Disable People finished in the capital of Andorra on 28 May after 15 days of running. The competitors started on 13th May in Brussels and ran via Belgium, Luxemburg and France. After 15 day of running they finally reached Andorra la Veilla - the capital of Andorra.
54 people from 8 teams took part in the Relay Run. The teams were from: Nidzica, Kalisz and Doruchów (Poland), Libeıice and Tochoĝice (Czech), Lvov and Odessa (Ukraine) and Zsira (Hungary). The Relay Run was prepared and run by its originator Jerzy Chrabecki - president of "Integrative Meetings of Friends" Organisation from Vienna.
For the first time in the history of the Relay Run the competitors had to spend nights at campsites due to the fact that a few French towns were not interested in welcoming the runners (Raims, Meaux, Montreuil Juigne, Les Sables d´Olonne, Royan, Sanguinet and Oloron Ste. Marie). We were warmly welcomed in MERSCH (Luxemburg), and French towns: LONGLAVILLE and SAINT PHILBERT DE GRAND LIEU. We were really touched by the reaction of FENEU and GUIGNICOURT, which welcomed us spontaneously and showed their hospitality. Verdun, Lourdes, Tarascon sur Ariége and Andorra la Vella were also very engaged in our Relay Run. The route was secured by the police of Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Andorra.
We received letters of congratulations from: Albert II King of Belgium, Maria Teresa Grand Duchess of Luxemburg and the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy
A historical date for the Relay Run is 22 April 1999, 10 a.m., when the first Relay Run started from Vienna. After 11 years of running around Europe, we have made 23,440 km and run 10,834 km. We have been to 31 countries and 180 cities.
The next Realy Run will probably lead from Andorra via Spain and Portugal to Gibraltar.

The 11th Relay Run of Handicap People around Europe BRUXELLES - ANDORRA LA VELLA via Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Andorra
The Relay run will set off on 13 May 2009 from Brussels (Belgium) and finish on 28 May in the capital of Andorra. The whole route will be divided into 15 stages: 1 in Belgium, 2 in Luxemburg, 12 in France and 1 in Andorra. 17 May is a running-free day as we will go sightseeing around Paris. The official time of the Relay Run starts with dinner on 12 May and finishes after breakfast on 29 May 2009.
How to get there: teams should check-in on 12 May until 6 p.m. at Camping Hetzingen in Nideggen - Brück (Germany), 1, Campingweg Street.
Relay Run: The whole route is 2.200 km, including 900 km of run. It has been set through the most interesting places in Belgium (Brussels, Waterloo), Luxemburg (Mersch), France (Verdun, Paris, the Atlantic coast, Cap Ferret - the longest dune of Europe, Lourdes, caves of Tarascon sur Ariége and Niaux) and Andora.
Applications: the final date for the teams to apply is 15 March 2009 (jerzy.chrabecki@chello.at).

- plan
- route

The 48th Decathlon IMF took place in Odessa, Ukraine
On 21-24 August in Odessa, Ukraine there were the 48th championships Decathlon IMF. Spotsmen from Moldova, Rumania, Hungary, Ukraine and Poland competed in the following categories: 50 m run, 200 m run, long jump, high jump, shot-put, throwing a ball, and scoring goals.
For the first time these championships were held in Austria in 1992. This year a new scoring system was used according to our own multi-discipline scoring tables.

- results

The 15th Religion-Culture-Sport is getting closer
This year's event Religion-Culture-Sport will start on 10 July 2008. The teams will come on the 9th July. The three days long pilgrimage will start as usually in Myslibórz and finish in Rynica under the painting of the Holly Mother, the patron of Handicap people. The mass will be performed by bishop Marian B³ażej Kruszy³owicz. The sports part together with folk festival will take place in Rynica and Lubicz and finish on 14th July. It will be the final test of the competitors' condition before Decathlon IMF in Odessa, Ukraine.

The 48th Decathlon championships will take place in Odessa, Ukraine
The 48th Decathlon championships will start in Odessa, Ukraine on 21-24th August. Competitors from Czech, Croatia, Poland, Rumania, Hungary and Ukraine will take part in the competitions including: 50 and 200 m run, long and high jump, shot-put, throwing a ball, basket, goals, golf and boccia. These competitions started in Austria on 4 September 1992. This year's event will have a new way of scoring based on the organisation's own scoring. The competitors will fight for 10 gold, silver and bronze medals. The characteristic feature of this event is lack of elimination and disqualification. Every competitor has to do his/her best in all competitions.

The route of the 11th Relay Run of Handicap People is checked
On 12-25th June the originator and organiser of the Relay Run checked the route taking under consideration the possibilities to run. The run will start at the beginning of May 2009 from the Atomium in Brussels. The probable stages include: Namur, Luxemburg, Sedan, Laon, Creil (Paris), Vernon, Chartres, Le Mans, Angers, Vertou, Les Sables d´Olonne, La Rochelle, Royan, Lourdes with the finish in Andorra which is about 1600 in total

The 10the Relay Run of Handicap People around Europe is finished
The 10the Relay Run of Disable people around Europe finished according to the plan in front of the European Parliament in Brussels on 29th May. This year's Relay Run started on 13th May from Ribe to Esbjerg (Denmark). Next the route led through Harwich, Colchester, Salisbury and Stonehenge (England); Swansea and Fishguard (Wales); Rosslare, Youghul, Cashel, Ennis, Tuam, Knock, Roscommon and Drogheda (Ireland); Cairnrnyan, Fort William, Loch Ness Centre (Scotland). After going back to the continent the competitors ran from Brugge (Belgium) to Hulst (Holland) and finished the run in Brussels (Belgium).
Thanks to the Relay Run the competitors proved their strength and abilities. They got to know new countries. The IMF organisation, on the other hand, has gained new partners and made new friends. After the Relay Run the number of countries increased to 28 and number of towns to 161.
12 teams from Czech, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary took part in the run which was as always led by Jerzy Chrabecki from Austria. The 11th Relay Run will cover the distance from Brussels, via Paris to Andorra.

1. 13 May, Ribe - Esbjerg, Denmark
2. 14 May, Harwich - Colchester, England
3. 15 May, Colchester - Salisbury, England
4. 16 May, Salibury - Stone Henge - Swansea, England, Wales
5. 17 May, Swansea - Fischguard, Wales
6. 18 May, Rosslare - Youghal, Ireland
7. 19 May, Youghal - Cashel, Ireland
8. 20 May, Cashel - Ennis, Irelandi
9. 21 May, Ennis - Poulnabrone - Tuam, Ireland
10. 22 May, Tuam - Knock - Roscommon, Ireland
11. 23 May, Roscommon - Drogheda, Ireland
12. 24 May, Drogheda - Newgrange - Belfast - Larne, Ireland, Northern Ireland
13. 25 May, Cairnrnyan - Ford William, Scotland
14. 26 May, Ford Wiliam - Loch Ness Centrum, Scotland
15. 27 May, Loch Ness - Hull, Scotland - Enagland
16. 28 May, Zeebrugge - Lisewege - Hulst, Belgium, Holland
17. 29 May, Hulst – European Union Parliament in Brussels

NAPSZAK - SOPRON - Master of Europe in Decathlon IMF
The European championships in Decathlon IMF took place on 14-15 September. 110 handicap people from 7 countries took part in these championships. Each participant had to deal with 10 competitions: 60 and 200 meters run, high and long jump, shot put, throwing a ball, basketball throws, goals, golf and boccia. According to the regulations a winner of each competition scores 100 points. 1000 points that are theoretically possible to score are divided between 10 ability groups - 100 points each.
The winners of each ability groups are:



Sutnikowa Jana

41,43 p.


Chrabecki Ismena

199,26 p.


Simkova Vlasta
Bystré/Czech Rep.

287,52 p.


Kutyba Malgorzata

398,33 p.


Peczeli Erika

480,05 p.


Gyöngyösi Erzsbet
Sopron II/Hungary

574,58 p.


Bindics Katalin
Sopron I/Hungary

638,21 p.

Super Champion

Orsós Zsuzsa
Sopron I/Hungary

715,48 p.




Super Star








Szabo Andras

114,18 p.


Matyas Jan
Bystré/Czech Rep.

280,98 p.


Mencel Mariusz

386,51 p.


Hanousek Cestmir
Tuchorice/Czech Rep.

499,14 p.


Ruja Ferenc

595,94 p.


Kefurt Ivan
Tuchorice/Czech Rep.

689,12 p.

Super Champion

Kot Tomasz

785,93 p.


Leit Csaba

874,55 p.

Super Star



Each team consisted of 6 people. Team scores (a sum of points) goes as followes:

1. Sopron/Hungary

4.326,526 p.

2. Tuchorice/Czech Rep.

3.972,000 p.

3. Mohacs/Hungary

3.837,489 p.

4. Odessa/Ukraina

3.544,191 p.

5. Racaciuni/Rumania

3.527,059 p.

6. Kraków/Poland

3.476,520 p.

7. Sisak/Croatia

3.428,448 p.

8. Dabrowa Górnicza/Poland

3.407,076 p.

9. Sopron II/Hungary

3.295,530 p.

10. Cakowec/Croatia

3.270,271 p.

11. Koniecpol/Poland

3.170,827 p.

12. Zsira/Hungary

2.805,512 p.

13. Nidzica/Poland

2.765,568 p.

14. Lviv/Ukraina

2.461,171 p.

15. Kalisz/Poland

2.208,086 p.

16. Bystre/Czech Rep.

1.988,764 p.

17. Slesin/Poland

1.875,689 p.

18. Izdebnik/Poland

1.487,784 p.

Teams in medal scoring are:

1. Tuchorice

2 - 1 - 0

2 - 3. Sopron 1, Kraków

2 - 0 - 2

4 - 5. Bystre, Zsira

2 - 0 - 0

6. Sisak

1 - 2 - 0

7 - 8 - 9. Mohacs, Odessa, Racacuni

1 - 1 - 1

10 - 11. Vienna, Sopron II

1 - 0 - 0

12 - 13. Kalisz, Lviv

0 - 2 - 0

14 - 15. Izdebnik, Nidzica

0 - 1 - 1

16. Koniecpol

0 - 0 - 2

17. Slesin

0 - 0 - 1

Full scoring in Results.

The 48th Decathlon IMF on 21-25 August in Odessa, Ukraine
On 26-28 October 2007 the 15th meeting of our Organisation took place in Nova Vés near Liberc in Jizera Mountains. During the two days of our debates some crucial decisions were made.
First of all, we decided to simplify and improve the system of scoring that has been used for more than 10 years. Shortly speaking, it will be based on the pattern of decathlon athletics. A few groups from Austria, Czech, Poland and Hungary will adjust their own tables to Decathlon IMF. The final version will be chosen in May, during the 10th Relay Run around Europe.
The committee chose Odessa, among other proposals, for the spot of the 48th Decathlon IMF. The competitions will take place on 21-25 August 2008. We would like to underline that our Organisation is open and we would be happy to accept around five more teams.

The 10th Relay Run Esbjerg - Brussels starts in May 2008
As an addition to the information already existing on our website, we inform that the 10th Relay Run will start on 5 May 2008. We will set off from Ribe to Esbjerg in Denmark, further from England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Holland to Brussels (Belgium). Due to organisational causes the number of teams cannot exceed 15. One team consists of passengers of one van (8-9 people). Eight teams have confirmed their participation so far.

The 15th "Religion- Culture - Sport" in Poland and Germany
The annual integrative event "Religion- Culture - Sport" will begin in the second week of July. It will start with a three day's pilgrimage of handicap people from Rynica, a small village in the West Pomeranian, Poland. The sports part will take place in other Polish towns. Next year's sports part might be probably held in Germany. We would also like to exceed the religious part to Evangelic Church as an ecumenical action if the Germans wanted us to.

The President of IMF Jerzy Chrabecki nominated for an award "Animator of Occupational Cooperation and the Always Helpful"
The chapter of the competition "Distinction of the starost of Gryfino for the promotion of the region" nominated Jerzy Chrabecki in both aforementioned categories. The decision will be taken on 9th November 2008 during the National Independence celebrations.
Last year Jerzy Chrabecki was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit and became the laureate of "Master of sport - master of life" competition.

The rout of the 10th Relay Run has been checked
After 14 days the checking trip for the 10th Relay Run of Handicap People around Europe - 2008 has been checked. The Relay Run will start at the beginning of May 2008 in a historical town of Ribe in Denmark with a stage to Esbjerg. On the last day of this stage the runners will go to Harwich (England) by ferry. The next stage goes through the famous Stone Henge to the port of Fishguard (Wales). The runners are going to be taken by ferry to Rosslare (Ireland) and their first goal is probably going to be Youghal. The rout in Ireland will lead through the most interesting places: the castle of Cashel, 3800-years-old tombs of Caherconnell Boers, a place where St.Mary revealed herself in Knock and World Heritage Site near Newgrange. Next, we will go to Larne and travel by ferry to Cairnryan (Scotland). The only aim of visiting this country is seeing Loch Ness and Inverness - the capital of Scottish Highland. From the north of Great Britain we will go south to Rosyth near Edinburgh and from there after 16 hour on a ferry we will reach Zeebrugge (Belgium). On the continent we will have two more stages leading patly through Holland to Brussels.
The planned rout has around 2500 km including 1200 km to be run. The preparation of the rout is very difficult because of the specificity of British roads (narrow without a berm or with a wide berm but heavy traffic and many roundabouts). We are not sure if our rout would be approved by the British police. Another difficulty is left-diving in the UK but we could get used to it.
There is no certainty if the Relay Run ends in front of the Parliament of the EU. A letter sent from Vienna on 9 March 2007 to Commissioner Danuta Huebner has still been unanswered. We are asking Deputies from Czech republic for help. We also do not know the reaction of the city of Brussels about securing our rout from the Parliament to the suburbs up to where the rout had been checked.
An obligatory fee for taking part in the competition will probably be around 400 € due to four ferry crossings (from Denmark to Great Britain, from Great Britain to Ireland, back from Ireland to Great Britain and from there to Belgium), fees for crossing bridges of Wales, entrance fee to the World Heritage Site and others.
Finally, an interesting fact from our voyage. After Having written down the rout we were going back from Brussels to Vienna. There is a ring road around this city and it goes in all directions. Going east people should head towards Liege. After having driven the whole ring road (around 70 km) we did not find Liege anywhere. When we had asked someone for direction we were told that in local dialect Liege was called Luik. After having driven a few dozens of kilometres in the correct direction the signpost "Luik" disappeared and "Liege" turned up. Is it so difficult for the Belgians to write both names on the signposts?

The 9th Relay Run around Europe is finished
The 9th Relay Run of Handicap People around Europe finished on 17 June as planned. This time the Relay Run led from Falun in Sweden through Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland to Esbjerg in Denmark. The Relay Run started in the place where the 8th one had finished. There were 15 stages that finished in Lillehammer, Voss, Bergen (Norway). There was a special stage on Faroe Islands Vestmanna - Torshavn, and towns of Iceland: Husavik, Akurejri, Reykjavik, Selfoss, Vik, Höfn and Seydisfjördur. It also led from Selfoss to Geyser and Gullfoss waterfall. After 3 days on a ferry the Relay Run arrived to Danmark where two last stages took place: Hanstholm - Holstebro and Holstebro - Esbjerg.
77 people took part in the Relay Run and they represented the following cities: Vienna (Austria), Kraków, Nidzica, Kalisz (Poland), Bystre and Tuchoĝice (Czech Republic), Sopron and Zsira (Hungary), Lvov, Kiev and Odessa (Ukraine), and Racaciuni (Rumania).
The rout had 2660 km (sea voyage from Bergen to Iceland and back to Denmark is not taken into account). 1030 km were run which gives on average 60 km a day. The teams were changed every 2 km. At first the average speed of the runners was 8 km/h and increased to 10 km/h at the end of the Relay Run.
"Integrative Meetings of Friends" Organization and the competitors would like to thank the following cities:

The next Anniversary 10th Relay Run is planned on the rout: Danmark (Esbjerg) - Irland - Scotland - Holland - Belgium (Brussels)

The new management of IMF was chosen during the General Meeting of the Organization. Jerzy Chrabecki from Austria was elected president of the Organization once again. Pavel Dworski from Czech became the vice-president, Justyna Żywiecka from Poland a secretary and Pawe³ Chrabecki from Austria is still treasurer.

The 14th Integrative Meeting "Religion - Culture - Sport"
The next Integrative Meeting "Religion - Culture - Sport" is set on 12-17 July 2007 in Myslibórz, Rynica, Lubicz and Chojna.

The main points of the programme:
12-14 July - the pilgrimage (Myĥlibórz - Rynica)
14 July - an integrative fest in Lubicz
15-16 July - sport competition in Chojna

- Description
- Programm

We invite members of summer camps organized in West Pomeranian Voivodeship to take part in the competition. You will form the team of "Healthy People" and play against handicap members of our organization "Integrative Meetings of Friends". Teams from Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Ukraine and Hungary will take part in it.

The patronage of all "Religion - Culture - Sport" events is taken by the West Pomeranian Voivodeship Governor - Robert Krupowicz and West Pomeranian Voivodeship President - Norbert Obrycki. We are most grateful.

The 47th European Championships in Decathlon IMF and the 2nd competitions of the trophy of "Calix Fortium"
Double competitions of Decathlon IMF will take place in Sopron (Hungary) on 12-16 September 2007.
The aim of these competitions is appointing the Team Champion of Europe in Decathlon IMF and the laureate of the "Calix Fortium" Trophy. All members take part only in one of these competitions and appointing the winner is made by applying separate scoring.
There is only one individual scoring in the competitions and the winners of particular groups get suitable crowns.
The membership in the traditional Decathlon IMF does not enquire any eliminating rounds. This, however, concerns only the members of our organization. The participation in "Calix Fortium" is open for everyone, providing they had pre-elimination rounds "at home". This also concerns the members of IMF.




After receiving your participation we will provide all the information and protocols for the particular competitions needed. We will also gladly answer all your questions.
Details >>

The annual meeting IMF
On 20th and 21st November 2006 there was the annual meeting of "Integrative Meetings of Friends" in G³uchowo. During the meeting the activity of IMF in 2006 gained positive notes. The 8th Relay Run of Handicap People around Europe (Olsztyn - Vilnus - Tallinn - Helsinki - Rovaniemi - Polar Circle - North Cape - Falun) was another success. The engagement of all contesting groups and hospitality of the city of Suwa³ki and other cities on our rout (in Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Norway and Sweden) were praised very much.
Despite joining the 13th Day of Integration and the 5th Pilgrimage Myslibórz - Rynica with the 46th Decathlon IMF (exceptionally because of the late date of the relay run) the whole activity if IMF was judged well. The only restriction was that Decathlon should stay (as long it is possible) a separate event.
Another great achievement of IMF was opening and consecrating of the sculpture of Madonna of Rynica - the Patron of Handicap People in Rynica. The founders were Justyna and Jerzy Chrabeccy. The direct handing its copy to the Pope Benedict XVI was also a very big success.
The plan of IMF events for 2007 was established.
At the end of the meeting some of the members took part in the Kalisz Indoor Championships of Handicap People and summing up the art competition "We are all children of one God".

Events in 2007

28. 05 - 18.06. 2007 - The 9th Relay Run of Handicap People around Europe Rout: Falun - Torshavn - Reykjavik - Esbjerg (Sweden - Norway - Faroe Islands - Iceland - Danmark) . The relay run will start on 30th May 2007. There will be 14 stages. It will finish on 17th June 2007.
Details in EVENTS.

29th May 2007 - Reporting-electoral meeting of "Integrative Meetings of Friends" will take place in Falun (Sweden)

11th-17th July 2007 - The 14th "Religion - Culture - Sport" (Myĥlibórz - Rynica - Lubicz - Chojna) w miejscach Myĥlibórz - Rynica - Lubicz - Chojna, odbêdzie siê w dniach 11 - 17 lipca 2007.
12th-14th July - The 6th Pilgrimage (Myĥlibórz - Rynica)
The 14th July - 14th Jth Day of Integration (Lubicz)
16th-17th July - The handicap vs. healthy people (Chojna). The representation of handicap people's team will consist of the members of different institutions from several European countries. We invite people from summer camps, community centers and other institutions to join the representation of the healthy people's team. The number of participants in each team can reach even 100 people.
Details in EVENTS.

12th - 16th September 2007 - Calix Fortium Trophy (Sopron, Hungary - The Final of the 47th Decathlon IMF.
Details in EVENTS.

Calix Fortium Trophy 2006

Calix Fortium "Victoria" 2006, Agfalva (Sopron) - Ungarn
Calix Fortium "St. Gorge" 2006, USP Bystré u Polièky (Czech Rep.)

Calix Fortium Throphy - this is the new name of the event previously known as Decathlon IMF - a special sport discipline for the handicap people. There have been 46 such events in Europe so far. To show the strong connection between Calix Fortium Throphy and Decathlon IMF we will keep the previous numeration. Calix Fortium Throphy comprises of 2 correspondence rounds and a final round. Only the finals will receive the Decathlon's numeration. The 47th Calix Fortium Throphy will take place in Soprona (Hungary) in the middle of July 2007.

The Calix Fortium Trophy will not take place this year because of organisation reasons. Results of 1st and 2nd round are final.

Calix Fortium "Victoria" - 2006

1. Agfalva, Sopron - Hungary - 13.611,9260 points
2. Dermák, Derecske - Hungary - 12.363,1532 points (19)
3. WTZ Dzialdowo - Poland - 11.085,5556 points
4. CRRN Racacuni, Bacau - Romania - 10.797,1788 points
5. ST Otthon, Zsira - Hungary - 10.755,1788 points
6. UPOMR, Èakovec - Croatia - 10.606,5599 points (16)
7. USP Bystré u Polièky I - Czech Rep. - 9.181,5722 points
8. USP Bystre u Polièky II - Czech Rep. - 9.088,8032 points
9. CRRN Darmanesti, Bacau - Romania - 8.630,0602 points (16)
10. CRRPH Ungureni - Romania - 6,418,2538 points
11. "Milosierdzie" I, Kalisz - Poland - 3.621.1464 points (only one part)
12. "Orionisci", Kalisz - Poland - 2.395.0568 points (only one part)
13, "Milosierdzie" II. Kalisz - Poland - 2.182,9560 points (only one part)
The results of twenty competitors from each team were counted into the final score. The number of competitors from the inconplete teams in brackets.

Calix Fortium "St. Gorge" - 2006

The score is established for the place in the first ten; 1 place - 10 pts, 2 - 9 pts,....10 place - 1pt. This punctation allowes for the competition different level groups in one contest.

1. USP Bystré u Polièki I - Czech Rep. - 116 points
2. Agfalva, Sopron - Hungary - 69 points
3. "Milosierdzie" I, Kalisz - Poland - 65 points (only one part)
4. ST Otthon, Zsira - Hungary - 51 points
5. WTZ Dzialdowo - Poland - 50 points
6. Dermák, Derecske - Hungary - 49 points
7. CRRN Racacuni, Bacau - Romania - 45 points
8. UPOMR, Èakovec - Croatia - 37 points
9. CRRN Darmanesti, Bacau - Romania - 24 points
10. CRRPH Ungureni - Romania - 23 points
11. "Orionisci", Kalisz - Poland - 7 points (only one part)

The crown of "Calix Fortium Trophy - 2006" was won by:
Corona initialis (crown with one crystal)
Pilich Maria - Kalisz "Mi³osierdzie" (Poland) - 079,2720 points
Corona ambitionis (crown with two crystals)
Drahos Radek - USP Bystré (Czech Republik) - 184,6924 points
Corona bonis (crown with three crystals)
Krajci Zdenek - Bystre (Czech Republik) - 275,3356 points
Corona firmis (crown with four crystals)
Èermak Erik - USP Bystré (Czech Republik) - 398,7652 points
Corona magnoris (crown with five crystals)
Vigh Marta - Dermák Derecske (Hungary) - 494,0716 points
Corona egregis (crown with six crystals)
Janowski Krzysztof - Dzia³dowo (Poland) - 599,5336 points
Corona magnificis (crown with seven crystals)
Horvath Sándor - Agfalva/Sopron (Hungary) - 696, 1420 points
Corona mirialis (crown with eight crystals)
Novak Antonin - USP Bystré (Czech Republik) - 793, 0108 points
Corona maximalis (crown with nine crystals)
Pfeifer Laszlo - Agfalva/Sopron (Hungary) - 895,0876 points
Corona sumis (crown with ten crystals)
Fijalkowski Zbigniew - WTZ Dzia³dowo - 944,5492 points

The higher position of the competitor with a lower number of points is not a mistake. This competitor has gained these points for completing all contests of decathlon. The competitor would have been qualified to the higher group level for not having completed the contest (getting additional points).
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The copy of the picture of Madonna of Rynica - given to Benedict XVI
On 20th September 2006, in St. Peter's Square in Rome almost 100-people delegation of our organization took part in the general audience at the Pope's. The delegation consisted of St. Albert's DPS from Izdebnik and PSOUU circle from Szczawnica. After the audience the copy of the picture of Madonna of Rynica - the Patron of the Handicapped was given to the Pope. Benedict XVI thanked personally for this gift and gave the grantors the souvenir rosaries. The head members of the delegation were: the president of IMF - Jerzy Chrabecki (Austria), the director of the St. Albert's DPS from Izdebnik - Tadeusz Giżycki (Poland) and the vice-president of IMF - Martin Dvoĝak (Czech Republic).
The picture's original is in the church in a village of Rynica. On 19th August 2006 after the end of the 5th pilgrimage from Myslibórz to Rynica, the second copy of the picture was given to the delegation of Wadowice district. Izdebnik, situated in this district is the second place of the cult of Madonna of Rynica. The solemn enthronement and consecration of this picture will take place in November 2006.

The 8th relay run has reached its goal
The 8th relay run of handicap people around Europe started on 3rd June 2006 in Branczewo near Olsztyn (Poland). Each relay starts where the previous one has finished. This makes our rout continuous. 10 teams from Poland, Czech Republic and Ukraine took part in this year's competition. There were 102 people altogether. The rout had 4170 km and was divided into 17 stages. We went through: Suwa³ki (Poland), Wilno (Lithuania), Bauska (Latvia), Pärnu (Estonia), Finland: Helsinki, Hämelinna, Seinajoki, Kokkola, Oulu, Rovaniemi (Polar Circle), Inari (Lapland)and then Norway: Honingsvag, Lulea, Soleftea and Sundsvall. The relay finished in Falun (Sweden) on 17th June. From the whole rout our runners beat the distance of 1260 km. The average speed was 8 km/h what makes 80 km in 10 hours. The most special points of our tour included the polar Circle (12th June) and Nord Cape (15th June).
In the whole history of the relay run (since 1999) we have beaten the distance of 14,260 km from which 8,260 km has been run. We visited 19 countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Vatican, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden) and 125 towns altogether.
The honorary patronage of the relay run was taken by the President of Lithuania - Valdas Adamkus, President of Latvia - Vaira Vike - Freiberga and the President of Estonia - Arnold Rüütel. We have also received a gratulatory, welcoming letter from the Queen of Sweden - Sylvia. The relay run was warmly welcomed in all stage towns.

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The integrative event "Religion - Culture - Sport" is finished
The integrative event ""Religion - Culture - Sport" took place in Myĥlibórz, Rynica, Lubicz and Rewal (Poland) on 17-23 August 2006. It was conjoined with the 46th Decathlon, the 13th Day of Integration and the 5th Pilgrimage of Handicap People (which goal was the picture of the Handicaps' Patron). The teams from Sisak (Croatia), Tuchoĝice (Chech Republic), Lvov (Ukraine) and Dzia³dowo, Izdebnik, Lubicz, Nowe Czarnowo, Szczawnica, Szczercowo (Poland) took part in this event. After a 3-days pilgrimage from the Sanctuary of Merciful Jesus in Myslibórz to Ryniaca (42 km), there was and opening and consecration of the three-meters-high figure of Madonna of Rynica (the Handicaps' Patron based on a picture) on 19th August. The statue, founded by Justyna and Jerzy Chrabecki, stood next to the huge map of the 1999-2005 Relays. Two copies of the aforementioned picture were given to the delegation of the district of Wadowice during the event. One of the copies will be consecrated and placed in St. Albert's Social Welfare Home in Izdebnik. The second one will be given to the Pope Benedict XVI during the September private audience with "Integrative Meetings of Friends" members. After the religious events, there was a cultural part in Lubicz. The citizens of Lubicz and the nearby towns was the proof of integration between the disabled people and the society. On Sunday 20th August everybody went to Rewal near Baltic Sea to take part in the 46th Decathlon IMF. For the 4th time in a row the sportsmen from WTZ Dzia³dowo (Poland) have won. After the competition, on 23rd August, the members were decorated by the authorities of Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship, Gryfice district and the commune of Rewal.

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The 46th Decathlon IMF
The 46th Decathlon IMF took place on 21st and 22nd August 2006 in Rewal (Poland). Eleven teams took part in it. The title of European Champion of Decathlon IMF went for the 4th time in a row to the team from WTZ Dzia³dowo (Polnad) - 4215 points. The second place went to USP Tuchoĝice (Czech Republic) - 3841 pints. The team from Lubicz (Poland) was on the 3rd place - 3365 points and the team from Croatia was on the 4th place - 3281 points (see the results). From the 47th edition Decalthlon IMF will be renamed to the Calix Fortium Trophy. The names of the groups and the distinctions will refer to the awards in the ancient Roman army.
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The rout of the 9th relay run is checked.
Jerzy Chrabecki - the originator and the chief organizer of the relay has checked the rout of the next year's one. It will start in the last days of May. The teams will go from Gdañsk to Nynashamn (Sweden) by ferry and then to Falun where the relay will start. We plan the following stages: Malung (Sweden), Lillehammer, Geilo, Bergen (Norway), Torshaven (Faroe Islands), Seydisfjördur, Husavik, Akureyri, Blöndous, Reykjavik, Selfos, Geysir i Gullfoss, Vik, Höfn, Egilstadir (Island), Hanstholm and ESBJERG (Denmark). The ferriage From Bergen to Island by "Noröna" lasts 50 hours. We will use the 3-hours stop in Faroe Islands to run 16 km along the Streymoy Island to their capital city - Torshaven.

The Statue of the Handicaps' Patron
After the end of the 5th pilgrimage of the disabled people to Rynica, there was an opening and consecration of the figure of Madonna of Rynica (the Handicaps' Patron). The statue is more than 3 meters high. It is placed on a pedestal near the huge map of the 1999-2006 Relays. The statue was made by an amateur sculptor from nearby Krzywin.

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Golden Cross of Merit for IMF President
Jerzy Chrabecki, the President of IMF, was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit in Polish Embassy in Vienna on 24 January. Polish Ambassador Marek Jedrys awarded him in the name of Polish President.


In the photo: Jerzy Chrabecki with his wife Justyna and daughter Ismena and Polish Ambassador in Vienna Marek Jedrys.